Find defects on your Kubernetes clusters and applications

Plan your chaos testing efforts seamless in a cloud-native way. Get started with ready to use experiments from ChaosHub. Develop new experiments with easy to use SDK. Schedule workflows and monitor them using Portal. Take control of resilience of your Kubernetes.

Easy to write chaos experiments

Easy to write chaos experiments

SDK is available in GO, Python and Ansible. A basic chaos experiment structure is created quickly using SDK. Developers and SREs just need to add the chaos logic into to make a new experiment. Your chaos logic is turned into a well orchestrated chaos experiment quickly and easily.

Declarative chaos management

Declarative chaos management

Chaos management is 100% declarative. Done the cloud-native way. Litmus provides CRDs and a chaos operator to manage the life cycle of chaos. This capability also helps in scaling the chaos to chaos workflows.

Application specific experiments

Application specific experiments

Litmus provides not only the ability to introduce chaos into infrastructure and Kubernetes resources but also into application itself. These application specific experiments help in identifying the weaknesses related to the application faults.

Chaos Portal for chaos at scale

Chaos Portal for chaos at scale

Litmus Portal provides capabilities to orchestrate complex chaos workflows, monitor chaos events and metrics around chaos experiments. Workflows running on multiple Kubernetes clusters can be managed from this portal. Multiple team members can share the workflows management together.

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Create, Manage and Monitor Chaos on Kubernetes

Litmus is highly extensible and integrates with other tools to enable the creation of custom experiments. Kubernetes developers & SREs use Litmus to manage chaos in a declarative manner and find weaknesses in their applications and infrastructure

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