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It is all about sharing with the community. Chaos experiments are no different. The success of your chaos engineering efforts in your organization depends on the extent of chaos scenarios you built in into them. The ready chaos experiments on the hub can help cover a major chunk of them.

Why ChaosHub?


The resilience of your service depends not just on your application but on the stability or implementation of other cloud-native applications or Kubernetes platform. More than 90% of the times your service can get affected because some other application is not resilient.

You will need chaos experiments to cover most of the micro services and they need to be continously updated with the changes in the micro services. LitmusChaos project encourages community to contribute their experiments to a central place so that their end users can use them and stay resilient. This central place is Litmus ChaosHub.




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You have many ready to use generic chaos experiments. Choose a simple one like a pod-delete chaos and start your learning on chaos.

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Create, Manage and Monitor Chaos on Kubernetes

Litmus is highly extensible and integrates with other tools to enable the creation of custom experiments. Kubernetes developers & SREs use Litmus to manage chaos in a declarative manner and find weaknesses in their applications and infrastructure

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