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Celebrate Hacktoberfest 2020 with LitmusChaos




29th September 2020

3 Minute Read

Celebrate Hacktoberfest 2020 with LitmusChaos

The 7th edition of the Hacktoberfest is around the corner, and the Litmus Community is excited and raring to experience this plethora of grandeur, celebrating open source with contributors from the broader community. The Litmus Community is ever so growing with extensive community enthusiasm and eagerness to contributing to open source projects.

Featuring in the previous edition for the first time, LitmusChaos has made inroads since then in becoming one of the most exciting projects of the cloud-native world. Enhancing Kubernetes resiliency by driving the Chaos first principle and redefining the Chaos Engineering experience for Kubernetes developers & SREs.

As everything goes virtual this year, we have scheduled virtual meetups cum workshops every week of October to inculcate knowledge and encourage community contributions. You can take advantage of these events over the month to accelerate your engagement, whether it be new features, documentation enrichments, and/or bug fixes. By the way, as always there are some exciting swags and prizes up for grabs! (How can one forget that?)

#All about LitmusChaos LitmusChaos is a Chaos Engineering framework for Kubernetes. It provides a complete set of tools required by Kubernetes developers and SREs to carry out chaos tests easily and in Kubernetes-native way. The project has “Declarative Chaos” as the fundamental design goal and keeps the community at the center for growing the chaos experiments.

Check out the following block for deep insights on everything about Litmus: {% link %}

Two years since the inception of the project, it has already grown to be a part of the CNCF Sandbox. With a pool of 30 plus chaos experiments along with some exciting features & enhancements like the Portal, Probes, Scheduler, and many more, the prospect looks ever-so interesting. This year, we look forward to helping Open Source participants start their journey as contributors and make it further challenging & intriguing for the experienced ones.

#Litmus celebrates the spirit of open source

The Litmus community plans to invest a significant amount of effort during the month of September in creating issues to cater to all types of contributors. From good-first issues to complex issues, from front-end issues to back-end issues, front documentation enhancements to bug fixes, there lie issues for everyone! October is gonna be all about working with contributors and helping solve issues marked with #hacktoberfest tags. The virtual meetups are meant to interact with all the community members directly, and we are committed to reviewing contributions quickly and providing feedback. At the end of the month, we will award prizes to those who have helped Litmus progress further.

Till then check out the LitmusChaos repository and identify the issues that best suit you!

#With celebration comes exciting prizes & swags on offer

Learn! Contribute! Learn more! Win prizes! Collect the LitmusChaos and Digital Ocean SWAG!

Not just this, win weekly prizes every week by contributing the most every week.

You thought this was it? There lies a grand prize at the end of the month-long event! The individual who makes the most significant contributions stands a chance to receive a brand new laptop! Not just this. We have got a mechanical keyboard as the 2nd prize and Apple Airpods as the 3rd prize.

#How do you get started with Hacktoberfest? GitHub makes it simple for contributors to get started. Just search for the tag “hacktoberfest” at the GitHub level. Within a few minutes, you can filter several issues to start working on what best matches your interest. First-timers can look out for the “good first time” tag. Here are some quick steps to follow if you are interested in participating.

  • Register at the DigitalOcean website and provide your mailing address so that their system knows you are participating and can send you a t-shirt and stickers later. [Well, we all want them, a matter of pride :)]
  • Next, filter the issues with hacktoberfest tag, and further filter out based on language, documentation, good first issue, etc.
  • Pick up a few issues and let the author of the issues know that you want to fix them and start the interaction.
  • Send a PR, and with the continued interaction, you will eventually be able to have your PR merged. After some time, your t-shirt and stickers will arrive. In the meantime, enjoy working on more issues that you enjoy solving.

#Join the Litmus Community:

Want to get help with queries, learnings, & contributions? Join the Litmus community on slack. To join the slack community please follow the following steps! Step 1: Join the Kubernetes slack using the following link: Step 2: Join the #litmus channel on the Kubernetes slack or use this link after joining the Kubernetes slack:

Looking forward to see all the amazing folks from the open source world! :)

Chaos Engineering made easy

Litmus is highly extensible and integrates with other tools to enable the creation of custom experiments. Kubernetes developers & SREs use Litmus to manage chaos in a declarative manner and find weaknesses in their applications and infrastructure.

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