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Litmus is an open source Chaos Engineering platform that enables teams to identify weaknesses & potential outages in infrastructures by inducing chaos tests in a controlled way.

Developers & SREs can simply execute Chaos Engineering with Litmus as it is easy to use, based on modern chaos engineering practices & community collaborated. Litmus is 100% open source & CNCF-hosted.



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Apr 18th - Apr 21st, 2023

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From startups to the world's largest companies, Litmus is used to increase reliability

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An end to end Chaos Engineering platform

Litmus is an end-to-end chaos engineering platform for cloud native infrastructure and applications. Litmus is designed to orchestrate and analyze chaos in their environments.


Get Started in minutes

A chaos experiment can be scheduled within minutes from scratch with almost no learning curve. The initial start of your chaos engineering journey is straight forward.


Loaded with features to achieve resilience

Over time, with the monthly cadence releases and community engagement, we have added a lot of features and made LitmusChaos much easier for the end-users. With the launch of Litmus 2.0, a new way of chaos engineering can be performed by the users.


ChaosHub hosts most of the chaos experiments that are needed for a quick start in Chaos Engineering. These experiments are well tested, highly tunable and declarative.

Litmus Experiments

Chaos experiments are chained either in sequence or in parallel to build a chaos scenario. Chaos Experiments are declarative, schedulable and browsable. Chaos Experiments analytics are also available.

Litmus Probes

Steady state hypothesis can be created and verified using Litmus probes. Various types of probes help users to create complete chaos scenarios close to the real application experience upon failure.

Chaos Observability

Litmus exports Prometheus metrics transforming events and results that can help to highlight and quantify the impact of chaos on the applications or infrastructure in real time via in-house dashboards and external visualisation or APM tools.

Multi Tenant for K8s

Kubernetes namespaces are used as a completely managed environments for individual developers on Kubernetes. All features of Litmus can be used within the Kubernetes namespaces.

And many more features

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Chaos Engineering made easy

Litmus is highly extensible and integrates with other tools to enable the creation of custom experiments. Kubernetes developers & SREs use Litmus to manage chaos in a declarative manner and find weaknesses in their applications and infrastructure.

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“Litmus is a great tool that offers out of the box generic chaos tests with different types of probes for performing validations at different time during the experiment which make automation easy.”



Lead Engineer at Orange

Orange has been using Litmus to strengthen the resiliency of their private cloud.

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Inside Litmus Community

Sneak peek into activities going inside ever growing Litmus community

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LitmusChaos becomes a CNCF incubating project

The CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has voted to approve LitmusChaos' move from the CNCF Sandbox to Incubation level.

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LitmusChaos in 2021: The Year In Review

Year-end retrospectives are an interesting topic. Much as it helps dwell on things accomplished, it also generates excitement about what is to come. Here’s to the progress made for LitmusChaos as a project in 2021

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KubeCon North America, 2021

Improving Resilience of Applications in Telco Environment

A session on how Orange, the telecommunications operator, uses Litmus, Kubernetes and other CNCF technologies to build and scale their application development process.

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